Flagsticks, rakes, NTP’s and scorecards


Please find advice from Golf Australia (Queensland) relating to the Queensland Government’s Covid Safe Plan.

Please note in particular the following advice:

Under the Industry COVID Safe Plan for Outdoor Team Sports, a facility may choose to allow the removal of flagsticks, rakes in bunkers, NTP’s and score cards.

However, this shared equipment needs to be washed or wiped with antibacterial wipes or alcohol-based sanitiser prior to and after each use.

Most clubs find this unmanageable, especially small clubs, so they have adopted rules for the flag too stay in the hole. 

The Covid Safe Plans do not allow individual players an option. Further, under current laws, if the club did allow flagsticks to be removed and did not provide for that equipment to be cleaned before and after each use, the club may be fined for not conforming to the Industry Safe Plan.

Please remember this is a directive from Government under the Covid 19 regulations.


Howard Smith


Golf Wide bay Inc

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