Wide Bay Burnett District Ladies Golf Association Inc.

Wide Bay Burnett District Ladies Golf Association was formed 1976 and consisted of Lady golfers from Bribie Is. in the South to Kingaroy in the West and Mt. Perry to the North.  3 zones were formed being South Burnett Zone, Wide Bay Zone and North Coast Zone.  There were 50 clubs in this District in 2013.

A lady from Kingaroy (South Burnett Zone) was first President. Presidents could only hold a President’s position for a maximum 3 years in a row.  The next President was then nominated and elected from Wide Bay Zone and the 3rd President was elected from North Coast Zone and continued in this rotation.  Meetings were held at Gympie and Maryborough alternately and the AGM was held at the venue of the District Championship’s.  District Championships were also rotated each year through the zones.

Mid-week Pennants were held in the three zones during the year and the winning club from each Zone played in the final.  The format of this was a 3 way handicap match play.  This was rotated each year.   Weekend Pennants were also played at Ladies Club Open Days with 3 best nett scores to count. The winning Club from each Zone then competed in a final again with 3 players from each zone and the aggregate of the 3 best nett’s were the District winners – again this event was rotated throughout the zones each year.

The final District championships of WBBDWGA were held at Kingaroy in 2013 and the final Wide Bay Zone Women’s Golf meeting was held at Isis in December 2013.   Wide Bay Ladies departed from WBBDWGA on November 30th 2013.   The 1st Women’s WBG Championships were held at Bargara March 2014.

Wide Bay Golf District (Men)

In 1982 the Wide Bay Golf District saw the Sunshine Coast & South Burnett Golf Association being formed breaking away from Wide Bay Golf District and forming its own 3 golfing zones.

The South Burnett Golf Zone became part of the Sunshine Coast District in 2010 breaking away from the Wide Bay Golf District for the purpose of amalgamating both men and women in South Burnett under the same umbrella, however operating under the Sunshine Coast & South Burnett District Golf Association Inc for male golfers and the Wide Bay Burnett District Womens Golf Association Inc for the female golfers.

Golf Wide Bay Inc.

A Steering Committee and then an interim committee was formed in 2013/2014 with executive from Men’s District and Women from Wide Bay Ladies Zone. From this committee Golf Wide Bay was formed.

Golf clubs in our district are entitled to become members of our association and thus gain affiliation with Golf Australia. Members of affiliated clubs enjoy the benefits of the programs, funding and services available from Golf Australia Queensland, as well as GolfLink services from Golf Australia.  Our district Executive Committee, made up of delegates from affiliated clubs, is responsible for the management and administration of the association’s affairs and funds.


The Golf Wide Bay district covers a large geographical area, stretching from Boonooroo in the south, to Bundaberg and Bargara in the north, and Mt Perry, Eidsvold, Monto and Mundubbera in the west. 18 clubs operate in the district with collectively about 3,080 women and junior members as of March 2019.  Census figures show that our numbers have remained reasonably steady over the past four years, a testament to the efforts of clubs to attract and keep female members. 

Historical Interest

Eidsvold Homestead

The first golf known to be played in Queensland involved  Francis Ivory (Member of the Queensland Legislative Assembly for Burnett) from 1873 to 1878) and his brother Alexander Ivory, who laid out a few holes on their Eidsvold pastoral station in the 1880s.

By Heritage branch staff - State of Queensland: 
Queensland Heritage Register: Eidsvold Homestead (2009)

Francis Jeffery Ivory (1831 – 21 January 1896) was a grazier and politician in Queensland, Australia. He was a Member of the Queensland Legislative Assembly and a Member of the Queensland Legislative Council. Together with his brother Alexander, he is believed to be the first golfer in Queensland.