From 2021, at the request of the clubs, a B Grade Pennant season has been added to the schedule. Handicaps to be based on GA Handicaps and range from 9.5 (10) to 18.4(18). Lowest marker is to go to scratch with his handicap deducted off the other players handicap. Clubs may select players above GA 18.4 but the players must play off 18.

The Universal Match Play Index is to be used.

All further conditions of play can be viewed via the download link below..


Click here for 2021 schedule for Men’s B Grade

B Grade Conditions of Play:


Results Template:

18 Hole Match Index

2021 Overall Standings

BargaraBundabergCoral CoveHervey BayMaryboroughPoints
Coral CoveXXX
Hervey BayXXX

Click here for download of above progressives table: 

2021 Round Results

Please click on the  below for individual round results:-

13rd OctoberBargara
217th OctoberBundaberg
324th OctoberHervey Bay
47th NovemberCoral Cove
521st NovemberMaryborough
Final5th DecemberTop Placed A Grade Men’s Team